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Martin Garrix in court: I am the producer, where is my recognition from Spinnin Records?!

“It’s just a movie. But it’s a very annoying situation.”

Martin Garrix, was in court today. This time no screaming girls and self-chasing fans in the hall. The audience consists of three strictly looking judges and a registrar. “Yes, this is the first time I’m in court,” said the 20-year-old superstar in the walkway. “It’s just a movie. But it’s a very annoying situation.”

Garrix and his former label boss have been in court for some time now, and this Monday the lawyers were allowed to plead. Garritsen and his father find that they were deceived by Eelko van Kooten, boss and major shareholder of the popular record label Spinnin Records. Garritsen and his dignified father are said to have “misunderstood” signing the contracts. Garrix wanted to release a track at Spinnin. That was possible, but that was accompanied by “forced shopping”. Van Kooten would have told Garritsen and his father that such a contract could only be created in conjunction with a management deal.

As a result, Garritsen agreed to the transfer of the “masters” of songs. Garritsen gave away all the rights to the tracks. This was not explained by Van Kooten. That is Garritsen’s main pain, who wants to receive his “phonograms”. “I want to acknowledge that I am the producer of the tracks. I do not like that I do not get any recognition from Spinnin. “Van Kooten sees that differently. Garritsen has signed the contracts with full understanding. Spinnin has done a lot for Garrix to launch him and play him in the picture. His songs were actively played and there was intensive guidance from a cut A & R man who provided feedback feedback to improve them. The A & R man got a firm hug from Garritsen. “I love everyone at Spinnin. Or almost everyone, by one person. That makes this situation so terribly annoying. ”

According to the judge this case will take years. “One of you is going to lose, both of you feel both as a loss.”

Spinning Records and Martin Garrix were discussing terms but could not reach agreement on a possible settlement.

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