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Member of Yellow Claw, Jim Aasgier gets called a terrorist at the airport

Today Jim Aasgier, member of Yellow Claw had a very unpleasant and racist experience before his flight.

He was waiting at the check-in queue at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport this morning, when a man behind Jim whispered to his wife: “He’s a terrorist.” Jim turned around and said: “What? I’m a terrorist? Are you crazy?”. The man answers: “Oh I thought you wouldn’t hear that.”. Jim: “That doesn’t change the fact that you’re a #%$@% racist.”.

The man told Jim to come outside and say that again. At that moment it’s Jim’s turn to check in and the woman at the desk asks if there is something going on. The man’s wife starts yelling Jim pushed her. Jim tells the woman behind the desk he’s been called a terrorist in his own country. The woman behind the desk starts to panic and the disrespectful couple starts yelling he’s a liar.

Jim told himself to stay calm and be the better man and continue to check in, walking to the gate thinking to himself about where his own country is heading to.

To keep positive vibes watch the latest single of Yellow Claw below:


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