Martin Garrix’s charity show in Mumbai helps 10,000 Indian kids going to school

Martin Garrix is currently in India. Garrix held a special charity show in Mumbai. 60,000 visitors people bought tickets to see Garrix perform. All profits are donated to charity organisation Magic Bus, which results in 10 years of education for 10,000 Indian children.

Before the show, Martin Garrix joined Shailendra Singh in presenting a donation check to Matthew Spacie, founder of Magic Bus, who said:
“We couldn’t be more thankful to Martin Garrix and Shailendra. Through this donation, we will be able to support 10,000 children in communities all across India, in our program. This is the kind of support that is helping to ensure that 99% of our children stay in school and continue on a path to livelihood.”

Image: Bangin Beats

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