KLYMVX Return With “After Midnight” Remixes EP

After the astronomical success of ‘After Midnight’, French duo KLYMVX return with the beautiful ‘After Midnight’ Remixes EP. With 5 completely new reimagining’s of the attractive unique and an instrumental model to-boot, the ‘After Midnight’ remix EP is out now on Ultra and Sony.

Download “After Midnight”

Starting out with a fragile piano melody and smooth vocal detailing, the unique ‘After Midnight’ units out to instantly seize the listeners’ consideration. Synth stabs ramp up the power as Emily Zeck’s country-esque high line builds up till an enormous, orchestral horn part enters the soundscape.

With a gradual tropical home beat and a poppy vocal hook, ‘After Midnight’ has already captured the hearts and minds of the general public.

Accompanying the unique and an instrumental model of the observe are 5 distinctive remixes, every appropriately assigned to an hour of the day. The ‘9am’ remix signifies a extra melodic and downbeat minimize, with epic strings to supercharge any morning wake-up routine. As the noon solar of ’12pm’ comes round, snare rolls and surging, distorted, damaged vocals couple with large chord stabs that convey a revitalised power.

By the time we attain ‘8pm’ the observe is considerably quicker and armed with a model new melody, designed for festival and membership units. The ’10pm’ rework surges with a damaged power and traditional machine pushed percussion, rolling into the night hours with a four/four, club-ready beat. 

Closing off the bundle is the ‘2am’ combine, a peak-time ground filler, with a delicate piano-led breakdown and detuned vocals exploding right into a wall of sound.



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